Bucket List

bucket list

Everyone has a bucket list whether they admit it or not. The older I get the more I think about this list. I have an item on my bucket list that I need all my friends to help with! I have this crazy dream to be on the Ellen Show. I want to dance out like other guests do. I mean I have a routine in my head and everything and I will tell jokes with Ellen and we will have great day, become great friends and check in periodically just to see how life is going. I will be all “hey girl, hey”!


I clearly have clearly put lots of thought into this. Now the question is how the heck do I get on the show? I am work shopping a few ideas, but of course could use the help of friends on this one:

I do lots of volunteer work with the American Cancer Society around Relay for Life and this year I will take on a new role of being a co-chair for the event. Some of my thoughts around the Relay this year will be to go to the High Schools affiliated with the walk and bring awareness and help the high school kids to get involved with some charity work and the meaning behind it. I mean I could go on Ellen for that, right?

There is the little kid that says “Linda, honey you are not listening to me” he was just super cute and his video on you tube and got tons of hits.  Ellen viewed this and bam there you go he was on Ellen with his mom! I think I am way past my years of cuteness to make a video and be on you tube, but stranger things have happened.

I really despise the CEO of Abercrombie, I could express my distaste for him on the Ellen Show and bring awareness to the youth about positive brand awareness. But is that really of good use of time, probably not I mean two wrongs don’t make a right.

Let’s not forget I do have my own little puppet show with Nonna and Chef Luigi, but this has all been done before. I need to do something really unique.

I am interested in having a domesticated pet squirrel that I would name Tito and I would love to teach him how to say “I love you” in Spanish. I mean if I could accomplish this task that could guarantee myself a spot on the Ellen Show as a guest.

So I am asking for the help of my friends, I need some ideas to get on the Ellen Show or maybe you could just write some letters on my behalf! So let’s brainstorm and get this done. It’s like paying it forward and helping a fellow friend check off a few things on the bucket list!l



What’s love got to do with it?????

It has been almost a year since my last blog. Friends have asked why and really here are the reasons and they are not good ones.

1. Life got too busy

2. Nothing seemed blog worthy

So I am closing the dry spell on the blog and opening it back up with a subject I never talk about!!!!


Over the past five months I have discovered something that I never thought was missing. My life has always been good and I always have a joke, a good story and can put a positive spin on just about anything. For that reason about 80 percent of the time I am a good time to be around.

This year starting in January I made an agreement with myself (because that seems normal right) I made the deal that I would finally take dating serious and go “outside the box” stop dating the usual suspects that for 37 years did not work out. I kept all this information pretty close to my belt so that if it went horribly wrong I did not have to explain to a million people.

Now of course you know I have some ridiculous story of a really bad dating experience that I will share for if nothing else pure entertainment. So I can protect the innocent we shall call him Mr. Clinger. He seemed really nice and at this point I was tired of dating guys that were playing games so I went out on a date with him. On the first date he asked me for a second date I was busy so I countered with a group date (I already had plans with friends) he accepted. I mean did I see red flags, sure looking back with the whole whoa is me: I got into a car accident, you mentioned your brother was in the car business so I went to go meet him and blah blah blah. After the group date with me and 5 of my friends my antennas were up when he changed his screen saver that was once a cat to a photo of me and him, I was ready to run for the hills. But in true Michelle I feel bad for everyone fashion, why not accept a 3rd date. Leading up to the 3rd date that did not happen clearly (I guess that is where I draw the line). I received many calls, texts, IM’s, and emails. On one particular night I got a call asking “what should our song be” I thought to myself oh he must know I am so funny, so I suggest Britney Spears, Work Bitch he was not thrilled and his reply was I was thinking something by Journey or Aerosmith, ugh this guy was serious. So I brush it off but only until the next call when I clearly have had enough I had a really long day and wanted to not speak on the phone so I text to confirm plans and he calls me and I politely said I am not in the mood to talk and he says not even to me and I reply with not even my mother! So he says text me before you go to bed, I could not I mean really this is where I knew I had to run and change my identity.

Why am I sharing this story……well this is where anyone in their right mind would give up on dating, this should have been the straw that broke the camels back. And technically it kind of did. But then something happened. Just when I gave up I met someone in March and to be honest I treated it like a business transaction very formal with tons of questions that would make anyone run for the hills, but this special man saw beyond my business attitude and knew he could see that beyond this “tough girl” exterior that was a kind person. It’s been over five months and the things that people say to you that you really don’t believe happen like: “it will happen when you least expect it”, “you will just know”, “it will happen fast”, “it should be easy” it was all true.

I got to a point in my life where I was really happy, I mean truly happy being the “fun aunt” and hanging out with my friends and their kids and just having all my time to myself. But then something changed when I met him. I guess there was a piece of my heart that was not entirely complete. I feel lucky and I decided to blog about this because I want friends to know about this for anything in life. We make our own destiny in life and we can for lack of a better term “shit of get off the pot”. So I leaped and it was not so bad, matter of fact it was pretty painless! Sure there are challenges in life but isn’t that what life is all about! So I encourage everyone to find the missing piece it does not have to be love, maybe it’s a career change, a big move, anything just do it. You owe it to yourself to have the best life possible!

The moral of this story is: you know you found true love when you have the flu and your boyfriend comes over and you have mismatched clothes and greasy hair and you are so sick you can’t even blow dry your hair when you get out of the shower and he blows it dry for you and not like its a chore but like it’s exactly where he wanted to be.


This week I saw an interesting post on you tube video with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake if you have not viewed it I suggest you do! I am attaching it below:

Any who I get the #, but I don’t get all the #. What’s with all this #iloveyou, #wtf, #iambored, #selfies, #iamasupermodel, #fallbitches, #girlsrule and so on, I think you get the point! I think I am just a dinosaur.  So today at work I had a nice lunch with friends and in the window was a strange man walking down the street that put his face up against the window to peer into the restaurant so I say #nicetieguy. I mean is that the way it’s supposed to work! I don’t get it, I mean I guess this is what the kids do now. Maybe I am too old for #. I can tell you that I am enjoying mocking this skit on you tube and making my hashtag finger signs and saying some pretty stupid stuff!


Moral of the Story: #iamablogger enjoy your weekend peeps! And keep being ridonkulous people like it!

Pazzos in Paradise!

ImageA few weeks late but better now than never. Another family vacation down in the books this year was in Naples, Florida! Was is like Naples, Italy……..maybe! As always we have some good stories! We stayed at the Residence Inn and of course no vacation would ever be complete without some sort of “mishap”. So we are a few days into the vacation when we return to the room and smell what we think is paint thinner. Of course my mother was like “it stinks in here, I can’ smell this all night, what’s going on”. So we call the front desk and find out that they were applying epoxy to the tubs and they say that it’s not harmful. Well all the rooms that were being done had big signs that say “Do Not Enter for 24 hours”. I thought it was not harmful! We come home the next night and low and behold the room stinks again this time much worse. So we call the front desk again this time we end up moving to another room. My mother tells me to hang the complimentary coffee bags from the vents, of course I listen because I am starting to get delirious! The hotel person comes to find us in the pool and says they need to move us again! Here we go! Turns out we can pack a room and move in about 15-20 minutes it’s good to know these facts! But this is vacation so we are used to these things happening.

We also looked at a little real estate just to see what the market was like for someday when Mr. and Mrs. Pazzo retire! One of the Real Estate guys that took us around was a little Pazzo! One of the places (oh how I wish I took pics) was being sold with warped floors, mildew and mold and just pure gross. I of course had a note book with notes that I made about these places! On this particular one some of the notes I made were “pristine hardwood floors my ass” and “beautiful screened in lanai of mildew”. This made the trip particularly fun because I would take some side notes, my mother would read them at night and laugh so hard she would cry!  By the end of the vacation things started to look like this!



Was if fun? Yes of course we could have fun in a shoe box! Turns out we love Naples, we made friends, had great meals, shopped and watched my mother scream in a parking lot because she was afraid of the thunder and lightning. I wish I caught that on video but me and my Dad were too busy laughing so hard we nearly peed our pants!

Moral of the Story: Pazzo people are everywhere! You probably have some right in your family! Embrace them they make everything super fun!

By the way turns out I have been blogging for a year now!!! I am loving it and have had over 2300 views in the past year! Thanks to everyone who has been reading and pass along to your friends and if you have ideas for blogs let me know!

Shady Water

While writing my last blog, it jogged my childhood memories of the shenanigans that I was involved in with my “baby brother”.

Summer is my favorite season, it was as a child and still is now. My birthday is in the summer, you get to wear fun sandals, go to the beach and most importantly you get to go swimming!

When I was about 7 years old and Chris was 4 we used to go to swimming lessons and then take our new skills over to Aunt Rose’s swimming pool. This was so much fun! My mother tricked me into believing that my Wonder Women Under-roos were a bathing suit! This worked out great because I thought I was a superhero.

We would swim all day and as the afternoon approached there was a spot in the pool that would get dark. I was really afraid of this spot not sure why but I came up with this! I told my brother not to go in the area where it was dark in the pool. I told him that when that area gets dark that there was a trap door and when it opened up the sharks would come out and bite us or eat us!


I don’t know where I got this crazy idea. I guess I had a really active imagination. My mother would listen to me and tell me “Michelle, there are no sharks in the pool” but I insisted otherwise and wanted to save my brother! A few years later we got a pool in the backyard and naturally there was an area that would get shaded in the afternoon. I again told my brother to not go to this area because of the trap door and the sharks. So we spent most of our childhood only swimming in the sunny parts of the pool! It was crazy!

I still tell this story and I recently told my 12 year old cousins and they just laughed and said “Mish, why did you think there were sharks”. I don’t know I am crazy. I really think now that this story was in my brain so long that I now don’t swim in the “shaded” area now!

Moral of the story: Fish are friends not food – Finding Nemo (said by the sharks). So I am pretty sure that Sharks are my friends???

Memories…..like the corners of my mind!

This story cracks me up no matter how many times we talk about it as a family! I am thankful that my family always has stories and we love joking around and telling them. I always say that because my parents were 20 and 21 when I was born that I was an experiment and they were kids raising kids! Of course I would not change this for the world! I was lucky to have my parents grow up with me and that is why we are so close.

Let’s bring this back to Circa July, 1981 – My parents were just about ready to buy a house and they could not find the perfect home so my father suggested we go on a family vacation to Italy to see family! We took a three week vacation and I was just a few weeks shy of my 5th birthday and Chris just shy of his 2nd birthday. Vacation was great from what I remember! Of course there was the language barrier, me and Chris did not speak once ounce of Italian so that made it hard to communicate with my Aunts, Uncles, Cousin and Grandmother.

Speaking of my Grandmother (god rest her soul). My father’s mother Marie was not the most loving of grandmothers (well at least not to the girls), she had three boys and became a widow early in life, according to her the boys well they were princes. I was the first granddaughter which let’s just say was a challenge. Because of this I have  really funny stories! This one is my particular favorite.

On our visit to Italy in July of 1981 we visited some family in Anzio for the day. Anzio is very historic for many reasons. For those that know me this story is truly ironic because I love to go to Italy and pray to the Saints and visit different saints and so on. When I was 5 of course I had no idea what was going on.

In Anzio there is a very famous Saint, Saint Maria Goretti she became a Saint when she died at the age of 11. Her father was a widow and cared for her siblings and father after her mother passed. She was home alone and a 19 year old man tried to rape her and she repeatedly told him it was a mortal sin and would rather die than to submit to him to he choked her and stabbed her 11 times. Most of the stories of Saints are tragic and hard to understand why someone must go through so much pain and agony to become a Saint.

In Italy when you become a Saint they say your body does not decay and they put it on display in church. You take pictures, you pray for miracles and maybe attend mass while you are visiting.


So I mentioned you take pictures. This was me at 5 years old. Scared out of my mind sitting in front of dead bodies at Saint Maria Goretti, I am still not sure why my Grandmother thought this was a good idea. I remember thinking this body was moving and please let this just be over fast!

Fast forward 20 years later, I was 25 years old and I was in Italy with my parents, Uncle Nicky and Aunt Rose and we tried to visit family in Anzio and while there we decided to pay a visit to Saint Maria Goretti. What a brilliant idea we had let’s take the same photo 20 years later and pretend that I am just as afraid!


Success! We have both of these photos in a photo album side by side. It’s a memory good or bad! I laugh about the story now. My grandmother has since past and now that my Italian is better I would loved to have asked why I needed to sit in front of the dead Saints????

The moral here is: Maybe I should thank my Grandmother after all now in my 30’s one of my favorite parts of traveling to Italy is to visit Saints and pray for miracles and bring people back home Saints for their cars, home and purses!

Mr. Postman….please!

Earlier this week I realized I don’t get enough hand written letters. This makes me sad! Letters are so personal and really make people smile, most times! So this weeks blog is about getting more personal with people! People keep your minds out of the gutter! I asked some friends at work to write me a hand written letter. I am hoping I get some in the near future!

The trouble now with this generation (boy do I sound like my grandmother) is that people only text, Facebook, instagram, snapchat and use all the social networking. For goodness sakes I mean I have had relationships end through a text, we need to communicate better. Kids now don’t even know about a proper letter or thank you card! We should all make someones day and send a nice letter in the mail to a friend!


This past year I can say I got a handful of thank you’s and hand written letters. Out of my memory I can tell you two of my favorites. One was when my godchild out of the blue said to her mother “I miss Auntie Michelle” and decided to draw me a photo that was of herself, me and my best friend. I love this photo and I am going to frame it. I was having a craptastic week as I recall and this totally made my week. The other letter I got in the mail was just yesterday. It was from my friends Haley and Craig. I went to their wedding a few weeks back in Princeton, New Jersey (check out the Road Trip blog for details). I came home yesterday from a long day and I was tired, I opened my mail box and I got the best thank you in awhile. It was just sweet and nice and since they live so far away it just made me smile and the joke on the card made me laugh hysterically!

So I think we should all take the time to write someone special a letter, but a smile on their face! Make it personal, make a joke! And while we are at it I don’t think the kids know about mixed tapes either. Why don’t we make a few mixed tapes and show the kids how it’s done.

Moral of the story is: We can really change the world one letter and mixed tape at a time!


Road Trip

This past weekend I took a good old fashioned Road Trip with some friends for a wedding in Princeton, New Jersey!

You ask yourself some important questions while getting ready for your adventure! I think if you have even half of the shenanigans that we did you will have yourself a pretty amazing time!

Things you need:

1. Good Music

2. Good friends

3. Signs for the airport (if you are picking up passengers at the airport)

4. Stories (lots of stories)

Horn Honking 101

So we leave as two to start the adventure but eventually we end up being four people! The journey starts and about an hour into the trip me and MB are singing along and I tell her remember when you were a kid and you were on a trip with your parents and you tried to get truckers to honk their horn? I said let’s do this! Turns out I had the gesture all wrong after lots of years I forgot so I got some strange looks. Once I figured out to do this the proper way, I asked a trucker in traffic and he said no, I told him he should think about it! Next trucker in traffic and we have success, we are like two little kids so excited. The guy in back of us is cracking up at us!

Rest Area

About 3 miles into the trip I decide that I need a potty break, perfect timing there is a rest stop coming up. So we get off the exit and follow the signs to the PEZ Visitor Center. We are both wondering why the rest stop is so far off the exit! Let me tell you why, this is because it’s the actual PEZ visitor center what a trip! Factory workers are hooting and shouting to MB and saying hey pretty lady you smile for the photo! Good laughs and bonus a clean bathroom!


Jenny from the Block

So we are back on the road and about an hour into this I say to MB, um I think I need a potty break she was like “now are you kidding me” I told her no you know I had that ice coffee I mean really! So I told her from 1-10 for urgency I was at about a 7. So we are about to get on the George Washington bridge (which no one told us to stay away from until after the road trip) I know this is my last chance for a bit! So I convince MB to pull off and we hit a gas station I told MB to lock the doors and if I die just put on my grave stone ” she had to pee”. The gas station did not have a bathroom but I met a nice lady who told that MacDonalds did. Just out of curiosity I wanted to know where in the world we were! So I checked us in! Turns out we were in the South Bronx, might not have been the best location for the ladies with matching t-shirts!

How to you get to Newark

So we have to pick up Lu and Gavin at the airport. Since we had the two hour traffic the boys were stuck at the airport waiting for us and maybe they had a few cocktails! We got so lost getting to the terminal it was a complete shit show! We finally show up at the airport with our sign and we pick up the precious cargo that smells like a brewery!  We finally got them and were off to the final destination the hotel!

Housekeeping, you want me fluff your pillows!

So we finally get to the hotel after getting lost again! We check in and I originally ask if we can have an adjoining room with the boys because I had this grand plan of knocking on their door at 4AM to say I was scared and had a nightmare and just need someone to hold my hand until I fell asleep, because all this sounds creepy and funny! I completely forgot about doing this! We were next door to the boys and instead I did this. The walls were paper thin so while in the bathroom I continuously yelled “housekeeping” and heard a knock on the wall, so I said Lu is that you can you hear me and knocked back! Oh what fun this was!

I am going to say something weird every 10 minutes!

So it’s time to Road Trip back home after a very amazing weekend. We had good times, with good friends, we laughed so hard we cried and attended the wedding of a very special friend who is near and dear to all of us! We need to thank him for this spectacular reunion!

We head back in the car and I am so exhausted and so silly that I decided that every 10 minutes I am going to say something weird. This turns out good and eventually everyone starts saying crazy stuff! We need a pit stop and a snack so we stop at a Friendly’s in god knows where! But the sites we see are priceless. There was a lady wearing coca-cola pajama pants (it was only 7pm) there was a man knawning on his corn so loud that it was distracting.

At the end of the day we had a blast we are still laughing about the jokes that happened along the way! If you ask me Road Trip was a complete success! And we had a good road crew!


Moral of the story is; laughter is the best medicine!

Love Conquers Hate……every time! (Joey Macintyre)

I have been thinking about the events that happened on Monday, April 15th. For some time now and have wanted to blog about them. I was not ready to do so until last week. So I would like to share the following blog with everyone.

On Thursday, May 30th, 2013 I attended the Boston Strong Concert. I have to say the concert itself was much more than that!

When the Marathon Bombings happened on Monday, April 15th, 2013 I personally felt a sense of disbelief. I asked myself so many questions. How could I live in a place that this would happen? Why do people want to harm and kill us? I got all sorts of crazy and went from someone who never watched the news to someone who always non stop watched the news (and was even nick named “live stream” )! I did not feel safe in the place that I lived in. I did not know what to do. Do I not go into the city? Was that the answer.

I thought to myself these Tsarnaev brothers must have been taught to hate, you don’t just wake up one day and say I have a great idea let me kill tons of innocent people! It makes me sad that most likely the parents and other influences of the boys taught them to hate and put lots of ideas in their heads.

I felt like I needed a way to heal a place to feel safe. I was so thankful for close friends that were actually part of the police search to catch the people that tried to destroy our city. People in Boston get labeled as not the friendliest people, that we drive like maniacs, and so many other stigmas. But the truth is the term Boston Strong could not be more true! As a city we united, we helped strangers, we cared and cried for people we did not even know.

I am proud to be from Boston. I am honored to have been a part of this amazing concert that Donnie Walhberg put together. I am happy that all of the ticket proceeds and all souvenirs that evening were donated to the One Fund. I will remember this event for the rest of my life not only for the bad that happened but for after the bad came all this love and good from strangers!

Everyone that was affected by this terrible tragedy has so much healing to do. Whether they lost limbs, were burned by metal, loss of hearing  or just escaped a tragic injury we all heal in different ways. I truly hope that in the wake of the events that happened that we continue to love and grow in this city and help the victims and the families heal through these difficult times. We are Boston Strong!


We are all different, but in the end, we all fruit – Gus Portokalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding)

Yesterday I read an article about CEO, Mike Jeffries of Abercrombie & Fitch. The article was entitled “why he hates fat chicks”, the article goes on to explain that “Candidly, we go after the cool kids. We go after the attractive all-American kid with a great attitude and a lot of friends. A lot of people don’t belong [in our clothes], and they can’t belong. Are we exclusionary? Absolutely. Those companies that are in trouble are trying to target everybody: young, old, fat, skinny. But then you become totally vanilla. You don’t alienate anybody, but you don’t excite anybody, either,”. ImageThe question was raised last night on my FB page and lots of people both men and women weighed in (no pun intended). Are you trying to tell me that the definition of “cool” is if you are a women you only wear a size 10 (average women’s size is a 12) and you only can wear up to a size large women’s top? I mean buddy have you heard of boobs??? On the men’s side they carry XL and XXL but that is only because they would like an athletic male to shop their stores! If you look up the definition of “cool” in the Webster dictionary the term is to refer to weather or climate. How bright is this guy?

I am a confident women. So my feelings were not affected by this article. I also don’t have children. But I can tell you this. When kids grow up today its hard enough to fit it. I think we all are against bullying! Why can’t you be different? I have lots of friends and they are all different! I love them for that! I don’t care if they wear a paper sack I love them for who they are, not what they are wearing and I could really give a shit less what size they are, but I can tell you I care about the size of their heart! If I am being honest I would not shop at Abercrombie because the clothes are too ordinary and its the same old black, white and navy and a little to casual for my taste. Clothes are an expression of who you are!

This article infuriates me because it leads me to believe by being different this can mean so many different things like if you have a learning disability or are mentally disabled that you are not “cool”, if you are wear glasses or braces are you not cool, grow up! I will tell you that when I am shopping personally I like the messages of some stores and I will shop at those stores and refer my friends. Why can’t you be a store that carries everything: petite, tall, plus size and regular sizes. News Flash: People don’t want to alienated for being a different size.

My friend Denae Pachucki came up with this last night as she was getting creative!


Are we stooping to his level, sure we are! But I won’t tolerate someone being mean to kids and young adults that are trying to find themselves. If I had 5 minutes of this clowns time I would tell him to take a few minutes and go through his life. Spend your time doing something that people can respect. Just because you are a CEO does not mean you are smart!

Moral of the Story is: I think best said by the Dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding: We are all different, but in the end, we all fruit!