French Cruller


Every Friday at work is Donut Friday in the IT department. I have the honor of being inviting for a donut. My donut of choice is the French Cruller. On this particular Friday, I was framed. I was lured into the IT room and asked to pick up my french cruller donut, so I did so along with my french cruller partner in crime who shall remain nameless. Once we entered the room we were asked to perform our usual “french cruller dance” so we proceeded and went on for six minutes about the cruller and how fabulous it was and other silly stories. About one hour later I was approached by one of the IT guys with a USB port so that I could download a video of myself and my french cruller friend taped while dancing, singing and other sorts of stories as we went on for six minutes. Did I mention that the video was taped in the worst possible angle, I am pretty sure I had about 6 chins in this video. Needless to say I am aware every Friday since to not dance and to only pick up my donut and leave!

Let this be a lesson……..nothing is ever free!


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