USDA Prime Beef


My friends like to say that I have “a guy” for everything! While holding true to this, a good friend of mine, was in the market for a new tattoo. So being the good friend that I am, I took him to my friends tattoo place. The three amigos arrived for the appointment and settled in, but I don’t think we had any idea what was in store for us that evening in August!

My friend was about 20 minutes into his tattoo when a man came into the tattoo studio. The man was clearly drunk and not sure exactly what else he was on. He asked the tattoo artist if he remembered him from 4 years ago and that he had a rather large tattoo on his chest (which he showed us). He told the tattoo artist that he purchased the tattoo be gone cream and that he had been using it for quite some time. I have to think that it must of worked a little because his tattoo looked like a blob on his chest.

So the man asked the tattoo artist to take a look, but he was busy working on my friends tattoo so this was not possible. The man starting chatting with me and my other friend and said to us, “I have another tattoo” so we said oh you do. And things just went downhill from here……

The man wanted to show us his other tattoo, after all we were in a tattoo parlor so why not! The man proceeds to unbutton his pants and shows us his buttocks and low and behold we discovered tattoo number 2! The tattoo was a photo and writing that said “USDA Prime Beef” with the logo, of course I starting laughing hysterically, while my other friend was in shock. The man now puts his pants back on and goes outside to chat with some of the other patrons on the street and then he comes back inside the tattoo studio. He says to me honey….and for some strange reason I answer but I say to him, when you say honey I want to make sure you are referring to me and he says yes I am talking to you honey.  He wanted to ask me what were my thoughts on what his new tattoo be to cover up “the blob”, I really did not have any good ideas but my friend suggested to him a nice big black panther may do the trick.

The man left and thought this would be the last time we would see him, however when my friend was in Reading 2 days later, she found our friend passed out on the lawn near a gas station. He was three towns away from where we first met him!

I think the lesson that we can all learn from this is: never judge a book by its cover, because you may just have one of the best nights with friends from a chance encounter!


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