Expect the Unexpected


So a few months ago my brother and I had what I like to call a Facebook war! Which started when he found an award that I received in high school, it was a superlative for Most Immature. He decided to post it on Facebook and thus the war began. Being the kind sister I am, I did not want to make him feel left out so I found some items that I thought he might like and put them on Facebook. I found an old report card, a photo he made for my Dad and my super honor role award for myself. I put these items on Facebook and my brother told me that this means war!

A few days later I was at my house and looking for my hair towel that I had on the bathroom counter. I could not find it anywhere, I looked in places that I had been thinking maybe I misplaced it; the fridge, the hamper, the closet, and so on. I thought I was starting to lose my mind. So I called my mother and said to her “do you think Chris took my spare key and is playing a joke on me” she said she really doubted it but she would investigate. I told her to keep it a secret because it sounded nuts and I thought this was his payback for the Facebook war.  This went on for days I would come home from work and start the search again and everyday I would come up empty handed.

Fast forward to Saturday, I was out with a my friend (let’s call her Bizzle) and we were doing some errands together that day after a nail appt. I had to make some returns at Kohls so we were at the return counter and I gave the women my bag with about 4 items to return. The women at the counter made a weird face and said to me “is this ours” and I looked up and saw that is was my hair towel. Turns out when I was trying on the items that I had purchased I was in my bathroom and when I grabbed everything to return I picked up my hair towel. I was in tears from laughing so hard and so was Bizzle. I went on for days about this towel and how I could not find it. I called my mother and told her what had happened and said turns out Chris did not take my key and steal the towel to make me feel crazy!

Moral of this story; I am crazy and the fact that I made up this story in my head makes me just a little more crazy then I thought!


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