I was doing of bunch of errands with a friend (Bizzle) on a Saturday a few months back. We both had to get some food shopping done so we decided to just get our errands done together. As per usual lots of shenanigans happen which always makes it more entertaining.

We were in Stop and Shop picking up a few things. We were at the check out counter and the woman who checked us out was named Gail. I saw what I thought was the grand prize at the check out line. They had Gerber Graduates mini fruits in Apple. They are so delicious and they were on sale. I was thinking to myself how can I buy these treats I have no children and felt a bit crazy. I tasted them at my friends house who has kids and they were just so tasty, I had to have these delicious treats. So I put a few bags on the counter and proceeded with my check out. Because I did not want to seem like the crazy one. I told Gail that these treats were on sale and that my 2 year old daughter Abigail just loved them. Gail proceeded to tell me what a great mother I was for providing her with such nutritious treats. My friend was in front of me and could not even make eye contact with me for the lies that were taking place, but I just could not stop myself. Gail asked us both if we would like to make a donation to the Jimmy Fund and you get a card that could you discounts. So of course we said yes it was such a good cause. We left our friend Gail and entered the parking lot. My friend found a dollar in the parking lot and said it was because she did a good deed. So I said to her why do you think I did not find a dollar in the parking lot, I also did a good deed. Bizzle says to me……wait for it, wait for it: it’s because you lied to Gail about your 2 year old daughter Abigail who just loves these Gerber Graduates!

I guess the moral of the story here is: if you are feeling a little crazy go with it, it could turn into a great story!


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