Haunted House


So this is a great story and maybe I actually learned an a-ha moment from it! This past Sunday we took my friend out for a birthday dinner in Salem, MA (home of the witches).  We had a great time and lots of laughs per usual. We decided that while we were in Salem around Halloween, why not take in the sites.

My friends love Haunted Houses and me on the other hand not really a fan. So we start out that the girls bought tickets to two Haunted Houses and I bowed out gracefully. My theory (probably because I have watched too many Lifetime Movies) is that if you are in a Haunted House there could be a crazy in there and maybe they have a real chainsaw, knife, or saw etc…. so why take the chance. My friends see another Haunted House and this one is supposed to be real scary and they buy tickets for this one as well. Through the evening I become the purse holder while the girls are on their adventure.

The girls are going in the last Haunted House and this is where it gets interesting. They are in line and I am holding the purses as per usual. So there is a couple in line with maybe a three year old and they are contemplating if the child can go into this Haunted House. Turns out she is too young, SHOCKER! So they are trying to leave the child with the with the staff because these parents of the year really need to go into this Haunted House. I over hear this and of course I cannot help myself. I tell the parents that I am waiting for my friends and if they want they can leave their three year old with me. With no hesitation they say yeah great thank you! So they tell the child that they are going to leave her. What I did not realize is that this child does not speak English which is great so now I cannot communicate with the child now. The parents go into the Haunted House and emerge about 6 minutes later.

Looking back on this, I was trying to be a good Samaritan and try to save the child from the creeps of the world. However in reality I could quite honestly be the nut. I offered to watch a strangers kid, they left the kid with me no hesitation and they disappear for 6 minutes. The things that could have occurred that I did not think about were: they might never come back, they could have accused me of stealing their child or they might have thought I would kidnap her.

The moral of this story I guess is for me: I should mind my own business and not volunteer for any of these good deeds. Sad we live in a world where we cannot trust people. There definitely was humor in this story because only I would have the ability to watch a child that does not speak English and while she is trying to communicate with me I just have to say yes, yes that is so great!


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