Weekend in Hampton


This story still makes me crack up and its at least 8 years old. Some of the Medford girls decided we were going away for the weekend and where do girls in their late 20’s go you ask……Hampton Beach. We pack up and head up for the weekend and like most weekends we decide to go away in the summer, the weather was terrible! So no beach time for the ladies. We had to make our own fun (this is not hard at all), we can have fun with a paper bag. We took in some sites, did some shopping, visited some local spots and ate lots of bad food. We were a little bored so we decided to make some fun.

Our room had an intercom system so that you can buzz people into the building and speak to the person before you let them in. Perfect what fun this could be. So we found about 4-6 teenagers skateboarding in our parking lot and being punks so these were the victims. I stayed inside for this test and the girls went outside so we could test the intercom system. It worked perfectly so this is what we did. In my loudest and craziest voice I held down the intercom button and started singing Tina Turners Private Dancer over and over and over again! One of the girls stayed outside so she could see the teenagers reaction as this went on. It was very difficult to keep from laughing on this one. This went on for I would say at least 30 minutes. We were running in and out of the building to discuss the happenings on the street while I was singing my heart out!

Moral of the story is: Even on a rainy weekend you can find some fun things to do. Maybe Intercom Karaoke will catch on!!!


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