Every year at Halloween my work does a Halloween contest for the adults. Last year I participated as a group, Three Blind Mice. Costume was good but every year you have to up your anty. Most of the times the things I come up with I don’t come up with to win a prize but mostly for a good laugh.

This year at first I was too busy and was not going to participate. But last minute came up with what I thought was a great idea! As most of you know my “great ideas” are never really a good idea. So I wanted to combine my favorite Holiday with Halloween and have some Holiday Spirit. I asked a friend at work if he would assist me with my great idea and at first he was all in, then he thought it might not be PC so he decided against it. I racked my brain thinking who can assist me with my “great idea” so I asked my friend Bizzle to help me come up with a male that could help me with my “great idea”, she took on the challenge and really embraced  it. We found a male to participate and after all Bizzle’s hard work we incorporated her into the theme as well. 

So what was the costume you ask? Well since my favorite holiday is Christmas, I thought the nativity should play a role in my costume. So the costume was Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus.


Based on this photo the moral of this story is: You can really make a great Halloween costume for about $22 for 3 people. Please note that the Baby Jesus is sitting on a bed of moss! All those years of catholic school really helped with this one!


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