Are you ready for some Football………

Every year I like to attend a Patriots football game at Gillette Stadium. We get a nice group of people and make a day out of the event. Breakfast, lunch and dinner! This year the game that I got tickets to was Pats for Bills. The game was a pretty close game came down to the last 17 seconds, however that is really not where the story gets good.

Every year when I attend the game I like to get tickets for my Dad. My Dad loves to tailgate and this year he had a friend who was also at the game and tailgating one row over from us. I was at the Pro Shop with some friends and my Dad called me and asked me to stop by and say hello to his friends. On my way back from the Pro Shop I dropped in and said my hellos. So my Dad gets a phone call and I tell him we are going to head back to our tailgate and I think that he is staying behind to chat with his friends.


So we head back to our tail gate with my friends. Me meet some men heading back to the car and they want to chat us up, so we chatted or heckled shall I say. And I answer them back and I was flirting it up and I turn around and look at my friend because of course I think I am so funny. When I turn around I see dear old Dad walking with us, when I thought he was at his friends. The look on his face was priceless as he watched “his princess” pick up guys! When I turned around I was like oh hey Dad I did not realize you were with us.

Moral of the story here I think is pretty obvious – maybe you should not try to pick up guys while in the presence of you Dad!


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