I am thankful for……..

I know I am a week late, Thanksgiving was last week. But I really needed to take this opportunity to make a list of things I am thankful for! This week I am thankful for Uncle Nicky!

You know face-time is a beautiful thing. It helps you get to see family you don’t see everyday, see their expressions when you tell them a story and just feel good about seeing a loved one face to face!

Let’s talk about Thanksgiving 2012. My Dad calls me in the AM and says “Michelle don’t forget your iPad, we want to talk to Uncle Nicky in Florida today” So I take my trusty iPad and right after dinner we connect with Uncle Nicky!


Now I like to tell Uncle Nicky he is my favorite Uncle! This is pretty accurate since we have good jokes and we are a pretty tight family. So this year Uncle Nicky and Auntie Robin had Auntie Mena and Uncle Paul over for the Thanksgiving Holiday. We are all sitting around the table talking to everyone.

We started talking about facebook and did you see and that, and then my blog comes up. I say Uncle Nicky have you been reading my blog and he says yes its great. I am so excited I have a follower in Florida! My brother being the true salesman he is, says ask Uncle Nicky what is his favorite post? Boom Uncle Nicky is caught, his facial expression is priceless he says I don’t know they are all so good. Uncle Paul pipes in and says I really like the one where you lost your hair towel and groped in Gaeta! Well turns out I do have a reader in Florida, but it was not Uncle Nicky, it was was Uncle Paul.

Moral of the story is: While Uncle Nicky is my favorite Uncle (and I guess he still is), you can’t bullshit a bullshit artist! Thanks to my brother for helping me crack that case! And thanks to Uncle Paul for reading my blog!



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