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Jesus is the reason for the Season part 2!!!

So this year Christmas was amazing! I finally got my mother and surprised her! Thanks to my friends at work I was able to participate in a Yankee Swap! And this year on the swap list was the baby Jesus! Not only did I swap the baby Jesus for another but I also was able to get what I am calling the triplets in Italy this year!

It was a true Christmas miracle! And we all had a good laugh and were able to really have the true meaning of Christmas as a family!!!

The moral of this story is: Jesus can be anything we want its important to celebrate all cultures and really just teach everyone what the true meaning of Christmas is! And if you have a few laughs while doing this it’s a bonus! That is what family and Christmas is all about!


Jesus is the reason for the season!!! Merry Christmas everyone! (part 1)


So every year my mother likes to to put up a nativity, which is the true reason for Christmas. In keeping with tradition we don’t place baby Jesus in his manger until Christmas day. Every year my mother hides the baby and I always threaten her that I will find him and leave a ransom note, because I want to be the person to place baby Jesus in his manger on Christmas day.

For about eight years my mother was successful in hiding him and I did not find him, however for the past two years I hit the lottery! I have been successful the past two years in finding the little guy. I keep him safe and I keep true to my word and leave a ransom note. You can see the notes below:



Sorry for the sideways photos but for some reason I am having issues loading them. Anyway you get the idea! This year it took her two weeks to find the note and right now its in the manger waiting for Christmas day to arrive.

I am really excited to say that this will be a two part blog. One today and a special addition on Christmas day! I have the most wonderful surprise for my mother on Christmas Day!!! Stay tuned for the continuation of the Christmas Miracle that will take place at the parents on Christmas Day!!!!


Did someone say Fro-Yo????

So this amazing place opens up in Burlington. It’s called Yeh so delicious they have amazing flavors of Frozen Yogurt! And well the staff is super friendly!!! That is how this story got started!


I ventured out one day while shopping and doing some errands and noticed this place! I was with Bizzle and I said to her, would you like to try out this place. Being mostly agreeable she says yes! We get inside and I am instantly in love. I place where you can make your own delicious frozen treat, I say yes! We get in and the staff is so friendly. This lovely gentlemen offers to help me, he asks if I have ever been here before and would I like to try a sample. I think this is great and say please and thank you! I try many different flavors and finally decide on what I would like. I add some very fun toppings and I am on my way to the register! As I get to the register my new friend asks me if I would like to be part of the club that for every 4 yogurts I would get a free one, again I answer yes. The whole time I am chatting it up with my new friend, I am thinking to myself wow this guy has great manners, he is pretty easy on the eyes and really is doing a wonderful job at his job! I think he is a catch. What I think to myself is this guy must be about 23, this seems like a safe number. I tell my friend Bizzle about him and she sees the whole exchange. She keeps insisting to me that he is High School. I tell her she is nuts and that he is the manager and he is 23.

One week later I return to the location with my mother. I say to her “Ma, isn’t this guy adorable. He has such great manners and is a doll”. Of course my mother agrees with me. So I am chatting it up with the whole crew on staff and I say so what do you guys go to school at Burlington High and my so called 23 year old says “no I go to Chelmsford High” oh god, I just wanted to crawl under the table. This 36 year old women (me) was hitting on a High School student, could you just die! Talk about a cougar, I could be his mother. I should stick to my usual older guys!

Moral of the Story: Sometimes judging a book by its cover is not accurate and you need to investigate further. And I am really bad at reading peoples ages! Oh well, I mean he was cute!

Mr. Bojangles

Sometimes we think my mother is exaggerating a bit. This story will prove us wrong. Last week my mother shows me the top of an oil can and says “Michelle look at this, it looks chewed, do you think we have a critter?”. I tell her no Ma I am sure its nothing maybe it hit a pan or something and broke. So this week my mother had some leftover coffee cake that I made on Thanksgiving and asked my brother if he wanted a piece to take home. She opened up the cake and it looked like all the inside was eaten and the outside was left. I accused my father of this and said maybe he thought it was too sweet so he only ate the inside. My brother takes the cake downstairs and asks my father if he did this and my father says no. My brother keeps asking him and he stills say no, so he says then I think you have a critter.

This is not what my mother needs to hear. For those of you that know my mother she is s neat freak! The problem is that they have been digging up my parents street for new gas lines and I think they disrupted a few underground homes! So my mother sets a few traps and low and behold she catches a few……….


Now she is freaking out, she says she can’t live like this. She has never had any mice in over 30 years in this house. She throws away all the food in the cabinets and says she will not cook until the exterminator comes and takes care of this. I laugh and being the good kid that I am, every time I go for a visit I go into a dark place and scream and say “mouse” she gets so mad. My Dad tells her that when he was young in Italy that mice were his pets and toys too! He said he would string them along the streets! I like to think I am very humane so I call my mother a murderer and that this could be a magical mouse just like the Green Mile. I have named her pets Mr. Bojangles.

The moral of this story is: my mother could have killed a magical mouse, maybe he has special powers. One will never know RIP Mr. Bojangles!