Mr. Bojangles

Sometimes we think my mother is exaggerating a bit. This story will prove us wrong. Last week my mother shows me the top of an oil can and says “Michelle look at this, it looks chewed, do you think we have a critter?”. I tell her no Ma I am sure its nothing maybe it hit a pan or something and broke. So this week my mother had some leftover coffee cake that I made on Thanksgiving and asked my brother if he wanted a piece to take home. She opened up the cake and it looked like all the inside was eaten and the outside was left. I accused my father of this and said maybe he thought it was too sweet so he only ate the inside. My brother takes the cake downstairs and asks my father if he did this and my father says no. My brother keeps asking him and he stills say no, so he says then I think you have a critter.

This is not what my mother needs to hear. For those of you that know my mother she is s neat freak! The problem is that they have been digging up my parents street for new gas lines and I think they disrupted a few underground homes! So my mother sets a few traps and low and behold she catches a few……….


Now she is freaking out, she says she can’t live like this. She has never had any mice in over 30 years in this house. She throws away all the food in the cabinets and says she will not cook until the exterminator comes and takes care of this. I laugh and being the good kid that I am, every time I go for a visit I go into a dark place and scream and say “mouse” she gets so mad. My Dad tells her that when he was young in Italy that mice were his pets and toys too! He said he would string them along the streets! I like to think I am very humane so I call my mother a murderer and that this could be a magical mouse just like the Green Mile. I have named her pets Mr. Bojangles.

The moral of this story is: my mother could have killed a magical mouse, maybe he has special powers. One will never know RIP Mr. Bojangles!


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