Did someone say Fro-Yo????

So this amazing place opens up in Burlington. It’s called Yeh so delicious they have amazing flavors of Frozen Yogurt! And well the staff is super friendly!!! That is how this story got started!


I ventured out one day while shopping and doing some errands and noticed this place! I was with Bizzle and I said to her, would you like to try out this place. Being mostly agreeable she says yes! We get inside and I am instantly in love. I place where you can make your own delicious frozen treat, I say yes! We get in and the staff is so friendly. This lovely gentlemen offers to help me, he asks if I have ever been here before and would I like to try a sample. I think this is great and say please and thank you! I try many different flavors and finally decide on what I would like. I add some very fun toppings and I am on my way to the register! As I get to the register my new friend asks me if I would like to be part of the club that for every 4 yogurts I would get a free one, again I answer yes. The whole time I am chatting it up with my new friend, I am thinking to myself wow this guy has great manners, he is pretty easy on the eyes and really is doing a wonderful job at his job! I think he is a catch. What I think to myself is this guy must be about 23, this seems like a safe number. I tell my friend Bizzle about him and she sees the whole exchange. She keeps insisting to me that he is High School. I tell her she is nuts and that he is the manager and he is 23.

One week later I return to the location with my mother. I say to her “Ma, isn’t this guy adorable. He has such great manners and is a doll”. Of course my mother agrees with me. So I am chatting it up with the whole crew on staff and I say so what do you guys go to school at Burlington High and my so called 23 year old says “no I go to Chelmsford High” oh god, I just wanted to crawl under the table. This 36 year old women (me) was hitting on a High School student, could you just die! Talk about a cougar, I could be his mother. I should stick to my usual older guys!

Moral of the Story: Sometimes judging a book by its cover is not accurate and you need to investigate further. And I am really bad at reading peoples ages! Oh well, I mean he was cute!


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