Can you put a dollar value on a family vacation? Maybe……Priceless!


This week we had a “good old fashioned” vacation with some family members! We have so many good stories but I think this is one of my favorites. My mother, my father and myself met my Uncle Nicky, Auntie Robin, Cousin Christine, Auntie Mena and Uncle Paul in St. Augustine Florida. It was a great reunion since we have not seen the crew for almost 2 years. It only takes us about 5 minutes to get the antics started!


We booked a bunch or tours and when you book tours you get unlimited rides on the trolley! On this particular day we toured and hit the Fountain of Youth (or as I call it the well of youth), the Old Jail and the Old Museum. On our way back we all hopped on a trolley. We were excited because we got the 8 of us in the front 2 rows of the trolley. The poor driver she had no idea what she was in for! We told her that today was Uncle Nicky’s bday (New Years Eve) BTW Uncle Nicky’s Bday is in September, we also told her that he was turning the BIG 5-0 that was a lie too! She said great Happy Birthday Uncle Nicky. We ended up breaking down and had to wait for another trolley. In the meantime we drove the lady nuts, we were singing Uncle Nicky Happy Birthday, and then he decided to sing it in Italian. Uncle Nicky’s Italian version was not really the correct version he inserted a few key phrases that did not belong. I think she caught on because she said that is not right! She asked if we did the wine tour because she thought we were all drunk! We told her oh no this is always how we act!

I am not able to add the videos from the trip, but I suggest you hit my Facebook page to view them and you can really get an idea of how we spend a “good old fashioned family vacation” together!

The moral of the story here is: you can put a bunch of people that are either blood related or not related at all and we could have fun in a paper bag! Its how you make your memories and that makes them priceless!



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