Swings….not just at the park!

This week we celebrated a birthday! Lots of Shenanigans, here is the thing I know that me and my friends are strange but this one is a little strange! So we hit the town and first stop on the list is The Hong Kong great place, good chicken on a stick, excellent scorpion bowls and my favorite a little hip hop dancing!

We walk over to the Bell in Hand because we want to hear a live band and have a little more dancing! The band goes on and for a moment after they sing three Michael Jackson songs. I say hmm I wonder if this is a Michael Jackson cover band, how strange! I was wrong the band was horrible to say the least! Lots of yelling and a Britney Spears wanna be female singer was the lead, the only difference is she was Asian and a bit crazy. Any who we dance because really why not just because the band is bad does not mean you can’t have a good time. I mean we met Gary who is a regular and just loves to Dance!!!! Totally harmless and just out dancing for the night! He likes to hi-five and say great job dancing!

So Lu and Em decide they need a break from all the screaming ( I mean singing) and go to the other side of the bar. In a text Lu asks me to bring over Em’s jacket so I proceed but not before I am stopped by this man who wants to dance with me and he is easy on the eyes so who am I to say no to a dance! He says hi my name is Darren so I introduce myself and then he says and this is my wife Jenn! Oh that is awkward I thought for a moment that Jenn might kick my ass!! So I was like hey Jenn your husband is so funny and walk away and bring the jacket to Lu. I tell him the story and don’t pay much mind. About 30 min pass and I get a text from Bizzle asking where I am I say I will be over in a minute and I return to Darren saying where did you go, did you try and leave me??? No of course not… but in the time I left Darren found a new lady…….the birthday girl Ms. Bizzle. So Darren dances with Bizzle and finds out its her bday so he takes her for a spin on the dance floor and then plants a smooch on her! Well Jenn sees this and says OMG Darren you are so funny!!! Really so we are thinking that this very good looking couple who are professionals with good jobs and in their 40’s are at a young bar, what could they be doing?  Well end of the night comes and Darren hands his business card to Bizzle……bingo they are swingers! Oh geez only this group could encounter this!!!! Massive fail hopefully that was the last time we see Darren and Jenn!

Moral of the story is: When you least expect it strange things happen. I thought that swinging was a thing of the 70’s but boy was I wrong! As for the singer I think that “Britney” needs to find a new career….just saying!


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