Private Eyes…..They’re Watching You!

This past Saturday like many Saturdays I could be found at the mall! I was looking for shoes for my Holiday Party, I know it’s late for a Holiday Party but don’t judge! So off I go to Lord and Taylor with my bud Bizzle! We had the most lovely sales girl her name was Krista (if you visit Lord & Taylor shoe department ask for her she is great!!!!) Any who we are shopping for shoes which literally took two hours! While we are shopping they catch a thief trying to exit the mall! Well my day just got better. 

So I ask many questions:

What will they do with her?
Are they going to call the cops?
Will they ask her questions?
Why is she stealing and why the Macy’s bag?

Well this goes for quite sometime and my new friends at Lord & Taylor give me all kinds of information on how the operation works, of course I know this because I used to work at Bloomingdales back in the day!


So what comes from all this information you ask??? A bell went of in my head, a new business venture of course! So I ask my new friends if they want to start a business with me. We would catch thieves but put a better spin on it, maybe we make friends with them and ask their opinions on some of our purchases. Get the thief to trust you! Make it very casual. The people now in this business are not doing a good job! Its very clear who they are! I said we could go around to businesses and ask them to use my service. I will call it Private Eye’s and of course sing the Hall and Oates song and dance while I propose my business ideas. What company would not want to hire me! The kids were totally interested in this and gave me business cards! They said I was the best customer they had all day! I was flattered and made some new friends.

Moral of the Story: Strangers are just friends you have not met yet! I proved this right at the Mall. And I think all ideas are great, its just how you deliver them!



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