Something’s Missing…….

This blog is not my typical! Not tons of laughs but tons of heart! I felt like lots of my friends and Facebook friends are going through some tough times so why not have some encouragement.


So this time of year for me is a tough time of year. Why you ask? Well four years ago on February 4th at about 5:30PM I lost a very special person in my life. My Nonnie, she was a very special lady in my life. We all know about the circle of life, but that never makes it easier. When she got sick 4 years ago I knew the end was near and instead of constantly being a mess (which I was sometimes) I made it a point to visit her every day. I enjoyed all the time I spent with her and it was not sad! We had laughs and told stories and just enjoyed each other. I would like to think that throughout my life I was lucky to have thirty-two years with her. My Nonnie was dealt a very tough deck, but you would never know that. She always had a calming effect about her. I think she is the women who showed me how to be independent. I was dating someone once and she asked me how things were going and I said to her Nonnie its just not right he is not for me and she like no one else said to me “Michelle, only you know what is right for you”. Smart women! The moment she passed I suddenly panicked and thought to myself, she will never see me get married or have kids and that was so important to me. On the same note the moment she passed was the most peaceful experience of my life and I will always remember that moment.

Now that I look back at that moment I miss her terrible, I want to hear her voice and just have her around me. But I know she is always around me. I can feel her, sense her and smell her. For some who are believers I saw a psychic not too long ago and before I even sat down she said to me “Your grandmother is here, she has a message for you”. The women asked me if that was weird and I said no she is always with me. It’s so comforting to know that when people have passed that you can still feel them around you. She was not just my Nonnie she was my friend!

So this blog is for all people everywhere that are going through anything, whether is be a struggling child, a sick family member, a divorce or hardship. There is a light at the end of the tunnel friends and family are so important! Remember when times get tough you never get more than you can handle!

The moral of this story is: Life is what you make it! Don’t feel sorry for yourself be happy that the people around you truly love you and celebrate life!!! Tell people how you feel and don’t be afraid of your feelings!  Stop and smell the roses and always, always, always remember that laughter truly is the best medicine!!!!



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