Did they just say poop???? Yep that just happened!


So the story holds true that no matter what age you are whether it be 1 or 91 poop humor is always fun, not sure why but it just is! This story will prove that true! It’s kind of gross but if you can’t have a good laugh then you might not want to read this blog!

Every day is entertaining at the workplace that is for sure, and this week was no different. We were sitting around the lunch table and not sure how this started but one of my friends tells us a story about a friend of his that he and all his friends dared to poop in his hand for $5.00 and they would capture this with photos (he was not under the influence of any substance). So his friend takes the bet and never gets paid and is not upset, I am completely flabbergasted by this! Actually everyone was flabbergasted over this and of course from this conversation we had to make more interesting.

So we asked each other what is your poop number??? What does this mean, well let me explain. How much would if take for you to poop in your hand and have someone photograph it! Well at first we started with $1000.00 not many folks were in and some even said there is no dollar amount that they would do this for. Then we upped the wager and said what about $10,000 and then $100,000 and gained more interest and so on and so on. Then we talked about for $1,000,000 American dollars (you always have to be specific, you never know what you will be paid in) would you do it. But lets take it one step further. You cannot take the photographs yourself right???? So who do you elect to do this for you and this is where the question comes in.

You are pooping in your hand for $1,000,000 American Dollars, who is taking the photos? Well I wanted to have a Survey Monkey but the crew voted against me and that did not happen so we just asked a bunch of different people! Most of the men said a stranger because they will just move on after and take their money, however the ladies were a bit different. Some said their mothers because after all they did change your diapers and have definitely have seen you at your worst, if I am being honest at some point we have probably puked on our mothers as infants, just saying!! Some said medical professionals because they see these kinds of things and they trust them.

So we have two questions here that need to be answered: What is your poop number? And who is taking the photos? I hope all the fans will play along!

Moral of the Story is: Everyone poops and it’s always funny!!!!! Hope you enjoy today’s poop humor!


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