I have always had a knack for getting to the bottom of a case, and by case I mean finding out the who, what, where, when, why. However I am having a tough time cracking this case at the work place.

Months back I observed that people at the work place will eat just about anything. So if you put a sandwich out that has been out for hours that has mayo people will eat it!!! I say gross. One day at lunch (where I get most of my ideas) I decided to conduct a test. I surveyed about 20 people and said, if you saw a sandwich on the lunch table that had a bite taken out of it and could have possibly been licked would you eat it???? Most people said well who licked it so I said me! Most of them said yes I don’t have a problem with that. I say gross and this is why I don’t like to eat food that people bring in unless I know them personally! I mean people have you heard of germs, its just yuck!

Fast forward a few months and things go missing out of the fridge that are clearly parts of people’s lunches. We had someone who had veggies burgers in the fridge in a container and someone actually thought this was fair game, or when you have cold cuts in the fridge you take the last few slices, or this was great. I packed grapes in a ziploc bag and I know how much I put in the bag, I go to get the bag of grapes and half of them are gone. People unless it says for general consumption its not yours!

A friend of mine has said to me that I should do one of two things to catch the thief around the office.

1. Lick all the grapes that are left in the bag, because its just gross!

2. Rub each grape that is left in the bag in ex-lax and who ever calls in with the poops is the thief.

I say genius!

Moral of the story is: Don’t eat what is not yours! You never know what you are going to get…..and that is why I am ABI or Always Be Investigating!


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