Don’t drink the water…………

I just came back on a fabulous vacation from Cancun, Mexico! Lot’s of good stories which you will read about. Lot’s of people made a face when I said I was going to Cancun. I heard things like well people just got murdered in Cancun, don’t drink the water, you will get robbed, watch out for the federalies and basically don’t go anywhere. I have to say I was completely worried and while packing for the trip I forgot many items because I was no nervous for my adventure. Was there anything to be worried about……maybe if you go downtown to the wrong parts sure but you can also get robbed and murdered in Boston. So my personal recommendation is yes definitely go to Cancun on vacation, it’s not just a spring break spot! It was super relaxing and the weather was simply incredible, the food was so yum! Stay at a nice place and you will be fine!


Day 1: We are laying on the beach and like lots of beaches they are public and people are trying to make a buck so they sell you stuff on the beach. This man wants to sell us hats, we say no thank you we need sombrero’s and he asks “do you want a free massage” well I was speechless for a moment and said on no thank you!

Day 2: People let me tell you something, just because you are on a balcony does NOT mean people cannot see you!!!! Guess what I can see you and yes I know you are in your underwear, stop dropping your towels on the balcony keep your nakedness to yourself! On the bright side we did get to see a wedding from our balcony! All guests did have clothes on!

Day 3: You must apply bronzer (okay not really). Famous last words “use the bronzer” we have a great base, we are wearing our sunscreen but we decide its time to add bronzer. All I have to say is ouch! They always seem like good ideas!

Oh and how can I forget. I was proposed to while sitting in the lounge having a drink with Rosie. Seems like I will make a lovely “porch wife” what does this mean you ask. Well this 30 year old man says that he wants a porch wife to sit on the porch with and read books and discuss the news. He also says I will make a great mother and should marry him and move to Indiana. I politely decline the offer, but not before he asks me if I would like to see his waxed stomach. Only me!

Day 4: Let’s head into town and see the local fair. Check out some vendors and what not. We hop into a taxi and head to the “flea market” is what the locals call it. As soon as we pull up we are crowded by lots of men trying to lure us in theirs stores! It’s a bit overwhelming but I manage to say that we are simply browsing and we just want to be left alone. Rosie want’s to buy a sombrero so we negotiate with a vendor and we get free shot glasses. We are also offered “blow”. I am trying to be polite as possible and say no thank you and you should not do it either this will give you a heart attack. The guy tells me it’s good for his wallet not his heart. So we move on and just walk around and take the bus back to the resort. The bus driver certainly thinks he is driving a ferrari because he decides who really needs breaks anyways! Lots of good laughs this day!!! I also decide since Rosie bought a sombrero why not do the Mexican Hat dance (that video can be found on my FB page).

Day 5: Slightly uneventful just a day in the sun, we celebrated another birthday at the restaurant and the creepy waiter asked for Rosie’s number. We head to the spa and discover that one visit is just not enough, so we book another for the next day! Rosie says to me that if I keep going back to the spa the guy who is doing the massages is going to think I am looking for a happy ending lol!!!!!

Day 6: Final Day, just soaking up the sun, catching up with the friends we have made throughout the trip. We hit the spa again, have a nice dinner, do a little shopping where I point out to the lady that she is doing her math wrong with the pesos and that her pricing is not correct. I have us about $40. Job well done.

We are home, safe and sound in one piece, we made tons of friends, had tons of laughs. We are relaxed, bronzed and and happy to see some family and friends!

Moral of the Story is: Go to Mexico, don’t listen to people that that tell you not to go! We had a blast, use your head, travel in pairs, don’t get smashed and head out with strangers! Bottom line is we had a blast! I am looking forward to my next adventure!



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