Most people would shy away from the offers for fix ups and the scary world of online dating. Not me I love a challenge so when Juan offered me his service of Match.Juan I chuckled! Juan tells me I should join him and his wife when they venture out to a latino club. Juan thinks the answers to my prayers is finding love with a latino man! I told Juan I need to be in charge I am not sure if this is going to work if this man is going to want to be in charge of me.

I mean let’s be honest I have been on all kinds of (let’s call them interesting dates). Let me give you some examples.

Interesting Date # 1

Against my better judgement I joined about 2 years ago. I figured you can’t really meet a guy in a bar and this might be a better way. After all some people have actually found love and later married!

I meet the guy at the restaurant and he is already at the bar and I am pretty sure has been at the bar for a few already! So we chat and have some dinner, he has more drinks and towards the end of the date he tells me he needs to take some Tylenol. His Tylenol is smaller than an infants pinky nail and he pops that with some booze. I am pretty sure he is taking some sort of drug. It’s Friday night how the hell am I getting out of this one. Dinner is over I am pretty sure he is high on something and definitely trashed. He asks me if I would like to join him at a bar down the street and I politely decline and say that I am tired. I get a text from him about 30 minutes later that says don’t flatter myself and on Monday he emails me and said I had a really great time when can we go out again?????? Are you serious buddy!

Interesting Character # 1

While on Match I had a guy email at least every few days like he knew me and would say things like:

I have tickets to the play Dirty Rotten Scoundrels on Friday let me know if you want to go

I have two Bruins tickets for April 24th (it was January) would you like to join me

I got a gift card for Christmas to the 99 Restaurant would you like to go out to dinner with me

I love taking walks on the beach I think you are the lady for me do you want to watch the bruins gain.

Of course this immediately freaked me out! Why after like 30 emails do you think I am going to say yes, I am about 30 seconds away from getting a restraining order.

Moral of the Story is: So after all this consideration maybe I should be trying Match.Juan.what do I have to lose, right? I will say that I did meet a few nice guys and they were actually normal so not a total loss, but I think I have more bad stories than good!


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