Bathroom Etiquette or lack of……….

I am not sure why after all these years of using public bathrooms that I am at all surprised that people are just little piggies! Read this blog at your own risk! Its going to get cray!


We all use public restrooms and I mostly use the women’s room (except for when I am in Europe and the bathroom situation is unisex). It makes me wonder sometimes if people were raised by animals! For example the women’s bathroom at my work is so disgusting. Let’s go through all the reasons why!

1. It smells like a barnyard! (we have been told its a ventilation problem)

2. People think its okay to poop and not flush or poop and leave it on the seat! Um people you are gross, clean up your act…….literally!

3. This one makes me gag just writing about it! We all know women get a special time each month which causes us to menstruate…I have an idea please stop wiping your hands on the wall with the evidence of that! I think I just threw up in my mouth!

4. Have some shame! If you have to go, you have to go maybe instead of literally pooping your pants and making everyone in the bathroom sick, maybe you give some courtesy flushes! I am just saying! We know there is a book and it says “everyone poops” we know just be a little more discreet about it!

5. I have this funny feeling that the men’s bathroom is cleaner than the women’s bathroom. This is a scary thought!! Don’t you think!

6. Lastly and this is probably the most important if you remember nothing else of the rules that I discussed above! Wash your hands. No one wants to shake your hand after you peed on yourself or better yet pooped! I am just saying if you change a kids diaper you wash your hands right? If not you might as well eat out of the dumpster!

Moral of the Story: Clean up your act people, we were all raised better than this!




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