Road Trip

This past weekend I took a good old fashioned Road Trip with some friends for a wedding in Princeton, New Jersey!

You ask yourself some important questions while getting ready for your adventure! I think if you have even half of the shenanigans that we did you will have yourself a pretty amazing time!

Things you need:

1. Good Music

2. Good friends

3. Signs for the airport (if you are picking up passengers at the airport)

4. Stories (lots of stories)

Horn Honking 101

So we leave as two to start the adventure but eventually we end up being four people! The journey starts and about an hour into the trip me and MB are singing along and I tell her remember when you were a kid and you were on a trip with your parents and you tried to get truckers to honk their horn? I said let’s do this! Turns out I had the gesture all wrong after lots of years I forgot so I got some strange looks. Once I figured out to do this the proper way, I asked a trucker in traffic and he said no, I told him he should think about it! Next trucker in traffic and we have success, we are like two little kids so excited. The guy in back of us is cracking up at us!

Rest Area

About 3 miles into the trip I decide that I need a potty break, perfect timing there is a rest stop coming up. So we get off the exit and follow the signs to the PEZ Visitor Center. We are both wondering why the rest stop is so far off the exit! Let me tell you why, this is because it’s the actual PEZ visitor center what a trip! Factory workers are hooting and shouting to MB and saying hey pretty lady you smile for the photo! Good laughs and bonus a clean bathroom!


Jenny from the Block

So we are back on the road and about an hour into this I say to MB, um I think I need a potty break she was like “now are you kidding me” I told her no you know I had that ice coffee I mean really! So I told her from 1-10 for urgency I was at about a 7. So we are about to get on the George Washington bridge (which no one told us to stay away from until after the road trip) I know this is my last chance for a bit! So I convince MB to pull off and we hit a gas station I told MB to lock the doors and if I die just put on my grave stone ” she had to pee”. The gas station did not have a bathroom but I met a nice lady who told that MacDonalds did. Just out of curiosity I wanted to know where in the world we were! So I checked us in! Turns out we were in the South Bronx, might not have been the best location for the ladies with matching t-shirts!

How to you get to Newark

So we have to pick up Lu and Gavin at the airport. Since we had the two hour traffic the boys were stuck at the airport waiting for us and maybe they had a few cocktails! We got so lost getting to the terminal it was a complete shit show! We finally show up at the airport with our sign and we pick up the precious cargo that smells like a brewery!  We finally got them and were off to the final destination the hotel!

Housekeeping, you want me fluff your pillows!

So we finally get to the hotel after getting lost again! We check in and I originally ask if we can have an adjoining room with the boys because I had this grand plan of knocking on their door at 4AM to say I was scared and had a nightmare and just need someone to hold my hand until I fell asleep, because all this sounds creepy and funny! I completely forgot about doing this! We were next door to the boys and instead I did this. The walls were paper thin so while in the bathroom I continuously yelled “housekeeping” and heard a knock on the wall, so I said Lu is that you can you hear me and knocked back! Oh what fun this was!

I am going to say something weird every 10 minutes!

So it’s time to Road Trip back home after a very amazing weekend. We had good times, with good friends, we laughed so hard we cried and attended the wedding of a very special friend who is near and dear to all of us! We need to thank him for this spectacular reunion!

We head back in the car and I am so exhausted and so silly that I decided that every 10 minutes I am going to say something weird. This turns out good and eventually everyone starts saying crazy stuff! We need a pit stop and a snack so we stop at a Friendly’s in god knows where! But the sites we see are priceless. There was a lady wearing coca-cola pajama pants (it was only 7pm) there was a man knawning on his corn so loud that it was distracting.

At the end of the day we had a blast we are still laughing about the jokes that happened along the way! If you ask me Road Trip was a complete success! And we had a good road crew!


Moral of the story is; laughter is the best medicine!


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