Monthly Archives: July 2013

Mr. Postman….please!

Earlier this week I realized I don’t get enough hand written letters. This makes me sad! Letters are so personal and really make people smile, most times! So this weeks blog is about getting more personal with people! People keep your minds out of the gutter! I asked some friends at work to write me a hand written letter. I am hoping I get some in the near future!

The trouble now with this generation (boy do I sound like my grandmother) is that people only text, Facebook, instagram, snapchat and use all the social networking. For goodness sakes I mean I have had relationships end through a text, we need to communicate better. Kids now don’t even know about a proper letter or thank you card! We should all make someones day and send a nice letter in the mail to a friend!


This past year I can say I got a handful of thank you’s and hand written letters. Out of my memory I can tell you two of my favorites. One was when my godchild out of the blue said to her mother “I miss Auntie Michelle” and decided to draw me a photo that was of herself, me and my best friend. I love this photo and I am going to frame it. I was having a craptastic week as I recall and this totally made my week. The other letter I got in the mail was just yesterday. It was from my friends Haley and Craig. I went to their wedding a few weeks back in Princeton, New Jersey (check out the Road Trip blog for details). I came home yesterday from a long day and I was tired, I opened my mail box and I got the best thank you in awhile. It was just sweet and nice and since they live so far away it just made me smile and the joke on the card made me laugh hysterically!

So I think we should all take the time to write someone special a letter, but a smile on their face! Make it personal, make a joke! And while we are at it I don’t think the kids know about mixed tapes either. Why don’t we make a few mixed tapes and show the kids how it’s done.

Moral of the story is: We can really change the world one letter and mixed tape at a time!