Shady Water

While writing my last blog, it jogged my childhood memories of the shenanigans that I was involved in with my “baby brother”.

Summer is my favorite season, it was as a child and still is now. My birthday is in the summer, you get to wear fun sandals, go to the beach and most importantly you get to go swimming!

When I was about 7 years old and Chris was 4 we used to go to swimming lessons and then take our new skills over to Aunt Rose’s swimming pool. This was so much fun! My mother tricked me into believing that my Wonder Women Under-roos were a bathing suit! This worked out great because I thought I was a superhero.

We would swim all day and as the afternoon approached there was a spot in the pool that would get dark. I was really afraid of this spot not sure why but I came up with this! I told my brother not to go in the area where it was dark in the pool. I told him that when that area gets dark that there was a trap door and when it opened up the sharks would come out and bite us or eat us!


I don’t know where I got this crazy idea. I guess I had a really active imagination. My mother would listen to me and tell me “Michelle, there are no sharks in the pool” but I insisted otherwise and wanted to save my brother! A few years later we got a pool in the backyard and naturally there was an area that would get shaded in the afternoon. I again told my brother to not go to this area because of the trap door and the sharks. So we spent most of our childhood only swimming in the sunny parts of the pool! It was crazy!

I still tell this story and I recently told my 12 year old cousins and they just laughed and said “Mish, why did you think there were sharks”. I don’t know I am crazy. I really think now that this story was in my brain so long that I now don’t swim in the “shaded” area now!

Moral of the story: Fish are friends not food – Finding Nemo (said by the sharks). So I am pretty sure that Sharks are my friends???


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