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This week I saw an interesting post on you tube video with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake if you have not viewed it I suggest you do! I am attaching it below:

Any who I get the #, but I don’t get all the #. What’s with all this #iloveyou, #wtf, #iambored, #selfies, #iamasupermodel, #fallbitches, #girlsrule and so on, I think you get the point! I think I am just a dinosaur.  So today at work I had a nice lunch with friends and in the window was a strange man walking down the street that put his face up against the window to peer into the restaurant so I say #nicetieguy. I mean is that the way it’s supposed to work! I don’t get it, I mean I guess this is what the kids do now. Maybe I am too old for #. I can tell you that I am enjoying mocking this skit on you tube and making my hashtag finger signs and saying some pretty stupid stuff!


Moral of the Story: #iamablogger enjoy your weekend peeps! And keep being ridonkulous people like it!


Pazzos in Paradise!

ImageA few weeks late but better now than never. Another family vacation down in the books this year was in Naples, Florida! Was is like Naples, Italy……..maybe! As always we have some good stories! We stayed at the Residence Inn and of course no vacation would ever be complete without some sort of “mishap”. So we are a few days into the vacation when we return to the room and smell what we think is paint thinner. Of course my mother was like “it stinks in here, I can’ smell this all night, what’s going on”. So we call the front desk and find out that they were applying epoxy to the tubs and they say that it’s not harmful. Well all the rooms that were being done had big signs that say “Do Not Enter for 24 hours”. I thought it was not harmful! We come home the next night and low and behold the room stinks again this time much worse. So we call the front desk again this time we end up moving to another room. My mother tells me to hang the complimentary coffee bags from the vents, of course I listen because I am starting to get delirious! The hotel person comes to find us in the pool and says they need to move us again! Here we go! Turns out we can pack a room and move in about 15-20 minutes it’s good to know these facts! But this is vacation so we are used to these things happening.

We also looked at a little real estate just to see what the market was like for someday when Mr. and Mrs. Pazzo retire! One of the Real Estate guys that took us around was a little Pazzo! One of the places (oh how I wish I took pics) was being sold with warped floors, mildew and mold and just pure gross. I of course had a note book with notes that I made about these places! On this particular one some of the notes I made were “pristine hardwood floors my ass” and “beautiful screened in lanai of mildew”. This made the trip particularly fun because I would take some side notes, my mother would read them at night and laugh so hard she would cry!  By the end of the vacation things started to look like this!



Was if fun? Yes of course we could have fun in a shoe box! Turns out we love Naples, we made friends, had great meals, shopped and watched my mother scream in a parking lot because she was afraid of the thunder and lightning. I wish I caught that on video but me and my Dad were too busy laughing so hard we nearly peed our pants!

Moral of the Story: Pazzo people are everywhere! You probably have some right in your family! Embrace them they make everything super fun!

By the way turns out I have been blogging for a year now!!! I am loving it and have had over 2300 views in the past year! Thanks to everyone who has been reading and pass along to your friends and if you have ideas for blogs let me know!