This week I saw an interesting post on you tube video with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake if you have not viewed it I suggest you do! I am attaching it below:

Any who I get the #, but I don’t get all the #. What’s with all this #iloveyou, #wtf, #iambored, #selfies, #iamasupermodel, #fallbitches, #girlsrule and so on, I think you get the point! I think I am just a dinosaur.  So today at work I had a nice lunch with friends and in the window was a strange man walking down the street that put his face up against the window to peer into the restaurant so I say #nicetieguy. I mean is that the way it’s supposed to work! I don’t get it, I mean I guess this is what the kids do now. Maybe I am too old for #. I can tell you that I am enjoying mocking this skit on you tube and making my hashtag finger signs and saying some pretty stupid stuff!


Moral of the Story: #iamablogger enjoy your weekend peeps! And keep being ridonkulous people like it!


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