Bucket List

bucket list

Everyone has a bucket list whether they admit it or not. The older I get the more I think about this list. I have an item on my bucket list that I need all my friends to help with! I have this crazy dream to be on the Ellen Show. I want to dance out like other guests do. I mean I have a routine in my head and everything and I will tell jokes with Ellen and we will have great day, become great friends and check in periodically just to see how life is going. I will be all “hey girl, hey”!


I clearly have clearly put lots of thought into this. Now the question is how the heck do I get on the show? I am work shopping a few ideas, but of course could use the help of friends on this one:

I do lots of volunteer work with the American Cancer Society around Relay for Life and this year I will take on a new role of being a co-chair for the event. Some of my thoughts around the Relay this year will be to go to the High Schools affiliated with the walk and bring awareness and help the high school kids to get involved with some charity work and the meaning behind it. I mean I could go on Ellen for that, right?

There is the little kid that says “Linda, honey you are not listening to me” he was just super cute and his video on you tube and got tons of hits.  Ellen viewed this and bam there you go he was on Ellen with his mom! I think I am way past my years of cuteness to make a video and be on you tube, but stranger things have happened.

I really despise the CEO of Abercrombie, I could express my distaste for him on the Ellen Show and bring awareness to the youth about positive brand awareness. But is that really of good use of time, probably not I mean two wrongs don’t make a right.

Let’s not forget I do have my own little puppet show with Nonna and Chef Luigi, but this has all been done before. I need to do something really unique.

I am interested in having a domesticated pet squirrel that I would name Tito and I would love to teach him how to say “I love you” in Spanish. I mean if I could accomplish this task that could guarantee myself a spot on the Ellen Show as a guest.

So I am asking for the help of my friends, I need some ideas to get on the Ellen Show or maybe you could just write some letters on my behalf! So let’s brainstorm and get this done. It’s like paying it forward and helping a fellow friend check off a few things on the bucket list!l




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