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Picture this…..

Sometimes I swear I feel like Sophia from The Golden Girls with my stories….picture this Sicily 1924 that is how she used to start them. I have a lot of stories and I try to document them with a photo because as they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

So picture this it’s Wednesday night in Tewksbury…your typical Wednesday night. I was minding my own business. I just got home from having dinner with my parents and I have the baby and like usual 5 bags of stuff, and my husband is not home yet! So like a hero I decide I can do this all in one trip. I grab all the bags and I grab the car seat and I have my keys ready to open the door. I open the door and try to put the bags down but I am getting resistance. The baby is awake and looking at my like “Mom, why don’t you put me down, why are we not going into the house”. So I look down and well my skirt is stuck in the spring in the door. You ask yourself how can this be done and honestly I am not sure you could repeat this move if you tried….well my friends if it can be done I can do it! I am in quite the pickle with 5 bags in my hand and the baby in the car seat. So I put one of the bags down to take a picture because I mean really unless you are there you cannot “picture” the moment. What’s a girl to do now no matter which way I pull or tug I cannot get loose. I stand in the doorway for a few minutes and just laugh, there is nothing else you can do! I finally come up with a solution. I decided to take off my skirt in the doorway so I can get into the house. I pray that my neighbors don’t see me doing this and I am grateful that it gets dark earlier. I do this and get through the door, put down all the bags and put down the baby, then I put my skirt back on again like nothing ever happened and go about my evening. About 15 minutes later my husband gets home and I show him the picture and he says to me “how the hell did you manage to do that”? I am going to go out on a limb here and think being married to me is an adventure itself just for my pure clumsiness alone!

The moral of the story is a few things: days like this you are grateful that you listened to your grandmother when she said always make sure you don’t have rips in your underwear……and my goodness this is hysterical so learn to laugh at yourself!


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The People in Your Neighborhood!

Who are the People in Your Neighborhood?

First off I am so happy to be blogging again and while my stories this time around may not be as funny….they are real!

Being a Mom of an almost 4 month old there are some things that you come to learn, here is my take on a few things:

  1. You can carry about 50lbs of stuff in one trip
  2. Privacy….what is that?
  3. You can get ready in about 10 minutes and look half decent
  4. It’s okay to ask for help
  5. The TV you watch….well you either fall asleep if its for an adult or you are watching Elmo and friends and singing along to songs

This leads me to my blog today, lets talk about “Your Neighborhood”. I can tell you that every day I wake up and I count my blessings. I kiss my little nugget and thank god that he is healthy and happy and he chose me to be his mom, I thank god I have a great husband who supports me every day (even with the crazy things I come up with) and I am so happy that my mom is providing my baby with the same care that I would give him and that my dad is able to get home from work and bond with him as well. So this… well this is “my neighborhood”, well at least some of my neighborhood.

Sometimes it’s hard to juggle it all but I am keeping these things in mind: I am not only a mom, I am a wife, I am a friend, I am a daughter and I have a career. I am learning not to lose sight of these things and that you can manage it all if you have a good neighborhood. You need to laugh at yourself, life is funny! Find the joy in the smallest things and appreciate all the blessings and ask for help. Life is full of so many things but if you take any situation and approach it with a “can do” attitude well maybe things would have a different outcome. It’s hard to train your brain when for so many years you think well: Ugh what a crappy day I am having, I forgot my lunch, I got a flat tire, I hit traffic on my way to work, I screwed up in a meeting or presentation and I was snippy with my partner, family or friends. Instead think of it as maybe I should slow down take the good, bad and ugly moments and yes sulk for a minute, talk it out, get the support but brush it off and say I am better than this and these moments will not define me. I need to practice this more often myself but when you have a good neighborhood maybe these things are easier to do.

So in closing find the joy in anything even if it’s bad! Make the best out of any situation. I think we all have a tendency to spiral out of control but pull it back in and take a minute, thank “your neighborhood” without them you would not have the support you need!  So thank you to my husband, my parents, my friends and my family! You are the best neighborhood. Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend.